Lace Bralette in Nude Champagne

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Lace Bralette in Nude Champagne

Lace Bralette in Nude Champagne. As someone who's known to captivate entire crowds with her irresistible personality and trigger a flood of smiles just by entering a room, you're often asked what your secret is. It's simple, you say - confidence! You dress in pieces that celebrate your body and make you feel Amazing. Take this beautiful bra, for instance. Though it's concealed under your ensemble, this exquisite confection of cream lace boasts ruching at the bodice, comfortable non-slip straps, and a divinely retro cut, making it feel undeniably glamorous from the moment you slip it on. Whether you top it with a vintage-inspired frock or a simple blouse-and-skinnies combo, this lovely undergarment reminds you that you deserve pieces that are as utterly enchanting as you!

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex